See what out patients have to say!

I experienced dental traumas as a child and an adult. Going to the dentist became overwhelming, nightmarish, terrifying, and then, I found you. You were always so kind, calm, patient and compassionate. I felt safe and in good hands.

Naomi G.

Thank you Juan for your grace and love towards my autistic son. Thank you for going the extra mile to see that he was treated well and had a safe experience. It is because of you he can happily go to his appointments and that after hour care is no longer needed. You took him when others would not. I am forever grateful.

Katye L.

Our family members always say “He is so gentle.” Thank you for coming into our lives and making our dental concerns easy.

Diane & John B.

You provided me with superb dental care, and medical advice that helped guide me to make better decisions….If anyone could make a patient want to go to the dentist, it was you.

David C.

Your remarkable artistry and skill as a dentist and your kind generosity of presence has been a genuine gift to us as well as the many members of our community…

Rich & Bobbi A.

Dr. Aponte, my fears of visiting any dentist go back at least 70 years. You changed everything with your kind, gentle and painless ways.

Barbara W.

Dr. Aponte, thanks for your careful work, your attention to your patients’ needs, your accessibility, and your integrity..

Kate M.

Thank you Juan for all of the years of gentle, thoughtful work keeping my pearly whites healthy and happy!

Keith H.

Dr. Aponte, we appreciate your professional skills, the tone you set in your practice among your staff, and how you are always attuned to the different needs of your patients.

Ron P. & Jan H.

I want to thank you for the care you’ve provided me — and especially for the gentle, reassuring manner you have in providing steady, thorough care.

Gordon D.

Very professional, does a great job. Communicates with his patients and very friendly. I’ll have to say he is a blessing in all aspects.

Donald G.